Celeste Bowers (Email Celeste)

God has a plan and a path for every aspect of our life. Nothing He sets before us is a coincidence. There was no coincidence that Celeste Bowers would be blessed with gifts of writing, teaching, coaching, making people laugh, and being a mom.

All these gifts held crucial roles when her ten-year-old daughter Christina was diagnosed with cancer.

Bowers' writing experience includes two published poems, "A Silent Battle" and "The Game of Life." Serving as a Special Ed Aide and a substitute teacher were valuable to Bowers, but nothing compared to the life lessons Christina would share with the world.

As a softball coach, Bowers loved the game on the field, yet Christina shows us the game that really counts is when we walk off of it-- the "Game of Life," thus inspiring Bowers to write a poem by the same title.

Bowers dreamed of being a stand-up comic. Little did she know that her stage would be set in a hospital room, performing the most entertaining routines for an audience of "one." These routines would help her daughter laugh and smile despite the drastic side effects of chemo therapy.

"If There's a Mailbox in Heaven" now ties all of Bowers' gifts together. The world gets a close look at Christina's amazing walk and testimony, and how her faith never wavered! Every package sent to Heaven is bundled in love and filled with purpose as Christ works through Bowers.

As a mom, her most cherished role, she will never stop sending all that is within to her daughter. Celeste Bowers, her husband Ted and son Teddy all look up to their Heavenly Father, knowing Christina is right there with Him and are anxious for the day when they will be re-united!